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Shop my top most utilized tools in the salon.

Pair with the perfect R&Co cocktail and you're guaranteed salon quality hair every day!



Hot Tools 1in Curling Iron 

Admittedly, not the sexiest looking curling iron, it's the only one I will use and been vetted by all the pros. Size is for short hair or tighter curl


Olivia Garden 3 1/4 in Round Brush

For creating bounce, lift, curl, and polish. This brush size is for hair that is shoulder length or longer.


Ys Park Comb

Not everyone needs a $15 comb, but if you want a high quality, heat resistant, snag free comb, then this is for you. A must have for blowing out your bangs, flat ironing your hair , and a life time of use.


Hot Tools 1 1/4in Curling Iron 

Must have in your bathroom, little curling iron and a big one. This is the big one! Looser wave on short hair or for long hair.


Olivia Garden Supreme Paddle Brush

Only brand of brushes you;ll see me use. This flat brush smooths and straightens hair. The board bristles are for polishing your hair with out creatign frizz or static. Gtreat for all lengths of hair and bangs!


Mini Hair Rubber Bands

If you follow me, you know these are must have for any styling other than a "Mom bun". Time to step your game up.


Olive Garden 2 3/4in Round Brush

My most used brush in the salon! This size is perfect for all hair lengths to create curl, lift, and smoothness.


Wet Brush

If you don't already own one of these, then I don't know what you're doing with your life! This wet brush is your must have detangler. Right out of the shower, spray your favorite leave-in and use this brush for pain free comb out. 


Framar Jaw Clips

Simplify your life and buy these clips. They hold the thickest of hair and make any blow out or styling so much easier! 


Get The Look:

brunette balayage blonde hair

Center Piece All In One Conditioning and Smoothing Spray on wet hair Blow dry Dallas Thickening Spray- Hold, Volume, Control Finish with Trophy Shine &Texture Spray to lift and seperate

Blonde Razor Bob Sara Leahy

Hand Dry with Sail Soft Wave Spray Curl with 1inch Hot Tool Finish with Vicious Hairspray

curly hair sara leahy

Wash with Cassette Shampoo and Conditioner Diffuse with High Dive Moisture & Shine Cream and Motorcycle Gel for some flexible control

highlights Sara Leahy

Start with Pinstripe Detangle Spray Chiffon Mousse for bouncing control Mood Swing for thermal protectant and Straightening help Finish with Two-Way Mirror Oil for sleek shine

Brown Balayage Sara Leahy

CenterPiece All-in-One Elixir to soften and hydrate Chiffon Mousse for volume and all day hold Curl with 1.25 Hot Tools Iron Finish with Balloon Volumizing Spray

Blonde highlights sara leahy

Wash with Dallas Thickening shampoo and conditioner Dry with Dallas Thickening spray for lift and hold Two-way Mirror oil for protection, slip, and shine Curl with 1.25 Hot Tools iron

Golden Balayage sara leahy

Wash with Gemstone color Protectant Thickening spray for control Mood Swing for heat protection Finish with Trophy Shine&Texture Spray

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