Quarantine Hair Care

By now your probably starting to notice that it’s time for a haircut. Your ends are starting to get a little dry, your hair tangles more, you can’t get a brush through it. You either missed your last cut due to the quarantine or haven’t had it cut in over a year and now that all the salons are closed your desperate!

Dry hair is the number 1 cause for these hair problems. If you hair feels dry, tangles easily, is frizzy, the ends are splitting it’s all caused by a lack of moisture in the hair.

The quickest and most efficient way to solving dry hair problems is by getting those dry pieces cut off. But since we cant do that right now, I wanted to offer you a few simple soluttions you can do at home with things you probably already have. So, while we wait for the salons to reopen, you can hydrate your locks and prevent any further damage from everyday wear and tear.

((PS. These are things you can do between appts. Even when the salon is open.))

Tip #1

Go and grab what ever conditioner you have in the shower, I’m not judging if it’s Pantene but bonus points if it has a little more higher quality ingredients. We’re going to turn your conditioner into a deep conditioning masque by simply leaving it on for 10 minutes. Why is this better than when your normally shampoo and condition your hair? Lets think about it, in the shower I usually rinse out the shampoo and slop on a dollop of conditioner to the back of my head. Work it around for a few seconds and then rinse. The conditioner is probably on my hair for about 45seconds max. By being deliberate about where we put the conditioner and actually let it soak in, it can do what its meant to- Hydrate you hair!

Pro-Tip: If you have a hair oil that you normally use for styling, add several drops of this into your regular conditioner to truly turn this into a spa moment.

Tip #2

We’re heading to the pantry for this one! Let’s start with coconut oil. It’s extremely moisturizing, adding a lot of shine and nourishment to the hair and scalp. The added benefits of being anti-bacterial are great for balancing the environment. We’re going to apply the same way as described below but using a LOT LESS. Pure coconut oil isn’t water soluble and we don’t want to end up with chunky, gunky hair. For fun, add a hot wet towel around your head to keep your hair and the coconut oil warmed up.

Tip #3

If coconut oil was used up in our curry from last night, then lets try olive oil. It’s packed with Vitamin E which helps fight against free radical damage. Free radicals can reek havoc on the hair causing it to feel rougher and lose its luster. The oil will also soften and add shine to your hair. Again, pure olive oil is not water soluble, so use sparingly. If, when you rinse the oil out of your hair, it still feels greasy, go ahead and shampoo again and rinse.


How to Apply our Potion

1. Shampoo with Hot Water- The warmth from the water will cause the hair cuticle to swell allowing more conditioner/oil to soak in.

2. Get out of the shower, or soak in the tub, and divide your hair in half. If your using conditioner for this treatment, you shouldn’t need more conditioner than you normally use.

3. Start applying conditioner from the ends of your hair, in the back of your head and work your way forward. Avoid the roots, since our scalp naturally produces oils, we don’t need to put more there. Apply any left over conditioner to those little baby hairs around your hairline and nape of your neck. These hairs are more fragile and break easily, so they need more love!

4. Relax! Let this conditioner soak in for 10 minutes.

5. Rinse well and style as usual, or not. )There are no rules in quarantine!)

I hope these different options not only help heal your dry, split ends but also your spirits! I believe beautiful hair is one of the best medicines. For more info, make sure your subscribed for monthly news letters and follow me on IG for video tutorials.



PS. R+Co makes an amazing hair conditioning masque that can be found here.

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