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As regulations start to loosen and business start to open, we are seeing a lot of different ways to clean, social distance, and still enjoy our favorite places. My goal has always been to provide a fun, relaxing, beautiful environment. I believe in order for us to truly be relaxed at our next hair visit I wanted to share with you some of the ways I am taking extra precautions, so we can all breathe a little easier.

The California Board of Cosmetology has some of the strictest sanitation regulations in the country. In fact. 90% of the cosmetology exam is one how to sanitize and disinfect., not on actually how to cut hair. I have always prided myself in providing a clean environment for each and every guest. You may have often heard me say, "One second, I need to clean these brushes" or watched me wipe down the chair, remove all capes, and sweep the floor before allowing you to sit down.

Some things you probably didn't know that I did, was when I clean those brushes or clippers I am using a spray disinfectant called Barbacide. Which is a medical grade disinfec

tant that kills, pretty much everything. That jar you see at salon stations full of blue water is also filled with Barbacide. You may hear me refer to this as "Quats" as well, which stands for Quaternary ammonium compounds, a form of formaldehyde with a high pH that is what the disinfectant is made up of. Anything that touches you must be disinfected in the Quats before being used another guest.

You also may not have known, or maybe wondered why I don't use a paper strip around you neck when I put on your cape. The paper strip is meant to prevent the cape from touching your skin and they rarely stay in place). I use a freshly laundered cape for each guest. So you are never using one that someone has been in on the same day. Again, this is not a state requirement, but something I've always done.

Other things that are standard sanction rules and regulations are that towels, capes. clips, combs, basically all tools that touch a client must be in a closed container or cupboard. Even the laundry bin, garbages, gloves, have to be in some type of container labeled and with a door to avoid contamination.

So, what's new? While the CA board hasn't listed out its new rules there are some things other states are doing that we can expect to happen here and there are somethings I will be doing on my own.

1. We both have to wear a mask, during the whole service, the whole time, before entering the building. And no, I don't think this will be comfortable or fun, and will probably be awkward shampooing. You will be expected to provide your own mask that goes only around your ears, not the back of your head. If you do not have one of those, I will have some for purchase.

2. No more waiting rooms, You will be asked to wait in your car before your appointment and I will be calling you in after the previous guest has left and I have thoroughly sanitized the area.

3. stylists will be spaced 6 feet away from each other to help with social distancing.

3. Which leads me to, sanitation. Including all the above regulations, I will not be using spray disinfectant on all surfaces guests come into contact with. Table, desks, chairs etc. The spray has a 2 minute contact time, so we have to wait for it to work before we can wipe it off and sit in the chair. I have new containers for combs and clips that I will be separating out for each appointment so that you can rest assured the tools I'm using on you haven't been touched since they're been sanitized by me.

4. I have a UVC light to disinfect your phone while you get your hair done. We all know those things are nasty and I'm sure we can put your keys or other items in their to disinfect too!

5. And of course, washing hands. We'll both be washing our hands upon your arrival. I will also have multiple hand sanitizers in the salon for our use.

While this may not be the full list of all the changes and sanitation processes. I wanted share with you some of the new and old processes and help give you a little peace of mind, that when you're coming to see me, your health is the utmost importance. I can not WAIT to see you and hear about all the garden projects you've been doing!

Yours in hair,


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