How to Find YOUR perfect hairdresser

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Whether you just moved the area, been seeing a stylist in town, or have to commute too far, you may be wanting to try someone new! I wanted to share some pro tips on what I would look for when deciding to take the leap and try a new hairdresser.

First thing I would do is go to instagram! (Not yelp! Surprised?!) This is why- a picture speaks thousand words. You can tell be viewing a stylists IG what esthetic she is into. You wouldn't ask for purple hair from someone that only posts blondes. You can decide for yourself if her skill is up to your level of standards. You, also, probably have a style you love, look for a hairdresser that posts similar pictures. If you look here first, you'll already have a pretty good idea of what your walking into. Less surprises for you! Best #'s to search are ones with a city name and then some form of the word hairstylist. For example: #BeniciaHairstylists #Walnutcreekhair #Vallejohairsalon #bayareahairdresser make sure to click on the tab that has recent posts, not just the fan favorites.

Hashtags like #blondehair #balayage or #razorcut are usually to broad of a search, but a great resource (and I think an even better than pinterest) for hair inso pics.

Next go to yelp. After you found some you like, then I would head to the reviews. Search the salon name where the stylist works at. I would then do a search inside of that yelp page of the stylists name. This is mostly for reassurance that the pictures match the experience clients have had with this stylist. I'd also look at reviews that mention managers and front desk staff and see if what's said about them sounds like a place you'd like to spend your time. Also, check to see if the stylists has her own yelp or google reviews.

Finally, the website. This is where you should find out all the technical details and see if it fits into your life. Things like the stylist work days, how to book an appointment, how many stylists work on you in one visit, do they specialize in cutting or coloring only. Lots of little things that could make or break the deal.

Hope this helps with your search! And never hesitate to reach out to me (or another stylists) with any questions you have about your hair needs! My email is:

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