Hair During Covid

It's been 3 weeks into the second re-opening.

Ugh! I cringe at that phrase. "Second re-opening". But we're here now and I am really trying to just enjoy every minute I am able to be in the salon and mentally prepare incase there is another closure.

Will there be another closure??

I don't know! Traditionally the "second wave" is stronger than the first. Winter is coming (shoutout to my GOT fans lololol) and so is flu season. I don't foresee California closing salons again unless there is another stay at home order placed and everything closes. This is because CA rezoned hair salons and put us with other low risk activities. So, it'd take A LOT to be forced to close our doors again. That being said I am taking some precautions..

Temperature Checks- everyone I see gets their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer before entering the salon. So, even if it's just a flu, I won't get it, or help spread it around! Neither of those things do I want!

I'm cleaning eevverrryythinngggggg. Door nobs, hand rails, salon chair, shampoo chair, phone, credit card reader, and my hands! I have hand sanitizer everywhere too. Don't be afraid to help your self! Or the bathroom is at the top of the stairs, feel free to wash your hands too!

My online booking has been made to be supperrr limited. This can be frustrating because online it looks like I have no availability. But the calendar opens up 30 days in advance, each week a new day is being added. Check back regularly! This allows space for when you're in the salon and want your next appointment in 6 weeks. And it prevents 3 months of appointment build up, incase I or my child gets sick and I have to stay home, or if there is another SIP order.

I'm just hoping that this second reopening is the last one! Stay healthy out there!

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