Class in Session

You already know I am obsessed with taking classes. They are the fuel to my fire and help make me a better stylists, in turning giving you better hair!

Last month, I took a drive down to Gilroy and attended a blonding class by Ashlee Norman (@ashleenormanhair). She shared her inspiring story of growing a family and creating an uber successful hair business. She takes clients in Vegas, travels around the country teaching, and just launched her very own product line. Best known for creating bright, dimensional blondes, Ashlee created several different highlighting techniques that give some of the most beautiful looks. This particular class focused on her "Lock-Stitch" technique that creates a perfect balayage look, utilizing foils to get max brightness. I learned so much and look forward to taking more classes from her!

Heres a little break down of what a hair class looks like:

30 other best dresses hairstylists inside a host salon, morning mimosas, 4 hours of demonstration on a live model, lunch break to In & Out, 3 hours of color theory and utilizing the pH scale to manipulate our product and give better color results, snacks break and more mimosas, 2 hours of final review and idea sharing.

It was so fulfilling to be back in class in person, there's nothing like meeting your peers and connecting with others in the industry after being secluded for so long, I also have loved being able to take what I learned and manipulate it for each guest to give you a completely unique and customized look.

Looking forward to more classes and creating great hair with you!

Enjoy the pictures!

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