5 tools you need to create (almost) any hairstyle

A common myth is that “salon” looking hair can only be created in a salon, by a hairdresser. I hear on a regular basis, "my hair only looks this good when you do it". So I ask myself, what is the difference? What do I have that people at home don’t have. And what it came down to is have the correct tools. Not 6,000 things under your sink. Just 5 tools to recreate almost every pinterest hairstyle. And that’s right- you only need 5!

(Btw: I am not affiliated with these products in anyway, they are just my favorites!)

2 curling irons, One big and One small

My favorite are by “Hot Tools” inexpensive but high quality. (Average 40$) I've had mine for about 9 years now, use them regularly, and they're still going strong. Throughout my years in the industry, I have constantly see top salon professionals using their curling irons, which ensures me that they are the best. I recommend one small one (1in) and one large one (1 ¾”). With these curling irons you can create a varity of looks, from soft waves to tussled beachy curls.

You can purshcase them here.

bobby pins and hair pins

These become essential for any time you want hair up. Buns, half up, or braided hair head band. You usually only need a few, but I recommend buying a thousand, because these suckers are always going missing. Luckily, you can usually find a stray one in the bottom of your purse or under the bed. This is my favorite brand- they are strong and have great hold.

small rubber bands

Tiny littler rubber bands are another must have for any type of braid or up do. You'll find hair tutorial after hair tutorials with a braid at the end of a pony tail, tie it off with one of these little rubber bands and then pin up for an insta-chic look. You can find these almost anywhere, I prefer these clear ones because they don't snag the hair as much as others.

Hair product

Ok ok, I know this is more than one thing, but seriously, you can curl your hair the exact same way 3 days in a row and the product you choose will completely change how it looks. Want soft and smooth? Choose a hair oil. Want gritty and wild? Try a texture spray. Obviously, R+co has my favorite brands and I am affielated with them. So you can use my link, or go just go to

Make sure to follow my Insta (@hair.saraleahy) for hair tutorials and notice how I used only these things to replicate numerous hairstyles!

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